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Enhancing AI Explainability: The Elements of the Citrusˣ Solution

Updated: Jun 6

As artificial intelligence and machine learning continue to advance, the need for transparency and accountability has grown significantly. This is primarily driven by the potential risks associated with the decisions made by these technologies.

One of the challenges in enhancing AI models is the hesitance to transition to deep machine learning due to the limited level of explanations available to both users and regulators. With these issues in mind, Citrusˣ’s features help all stakeholders in the AI pipeline reap the benefits of the most accurate and interpretable AI models by providing insights for a high degree of trust and understanding.

Citrusˣ aims to address the wider problem through governance, validation, monitoring, and explainability. Our solution is highly adaptable and can seamlessly integrate into your existing system, ensuring that your sensitive data remains secure with on-premises installation. So let’s dive in to get a better understanding of how these features make up the Citrusˣ solution.

Screenshot of web UI home screen
Citrusx Web UI

Model Governance

Citrusˣ provides a comprehensive toolkit for model governance, managing key compliance aspects, and ensuring model fairness. This feature enables thorough risk assessment and identification of issues, offering an accurate evaluation of the model's actual status. It addresses the critical areas of compliance, helping to maintain fairness and transparency in the AI system's decision-making process.

With a focus on fairness, Citrusˣ sheds light on potential biases within models, ensuring ethical considerations are met. This aspect provides a clear understanding of any biases that might exist towards specific groups, thereby ensuring models do not discriminate unfairly.

The Robustness feature highlights areas in which a model's behavior requires attention from the development team. This functionality serves as a valuable guide to enhance the model's overall performance and effectiveness by identifying and addressing weak points in its behavior.

 It addresses the critical areas of compliance, helping to maintain fairness and transparency in the AI system's decision-making process.

Citrusˣ prioritizes privacy by safeguarding sensitive customer data through on-premise installation. This functionality ensures that valuable data remains private, offering security without compromising customer information.

Enhanced AI Explainability

By enhancing proprietary explainability, Citrusˣ offers a deeper understanding of the decision-making process underlying each prediction. It provides both global and local explainability, granting insights into why specific predictions are made. Cutting-edge techniques are employed to identify anomalies and group similar data spaces, enhancing overall model transparency.

Thorough Model Validation

Citrusˣ offers comprehensive validation tests to ensure model stability and accuracy. This feature helps verify that models are aligned with their intended design objectives and business applications. By assessing their impact and potential limitations, this functionality ensures the effectiveness of models and identifies areas for improvement.

Effective Monitoring

Monitoring is essential to confirm the model is appropriately implemented and performing as intended. Additionally, it evaluates whether changes in various factors necessitate model adjustments, redevelopment, or replacement, maintaining model effectiveness and adaptability.

Monitoring also addresses data drift and model performance. This functionality ensures that the model's performance remains consistent and aligned with expectations even as data changes over time. It provides insights into the ongoing behavior and effectiveness of the model, promoting continuous improvement.

The Citrusˣ solution goes beyond common monitoring practices by effectively breaking down barriers linked to the adoption of AI/ML. It empowers you to comprehend the reasoning behind AI predictions through explainability, offering valuable insights into what is and isn’t working. By comparing explanations for various groups, it aids in addressing biases, whether conscious or unconscious. Citrusˣ’s monitoring capabilities also include certainty drift to measure the degradation of the confidence level in the model’s predictions over time.

monitoring summary metrics from web UI. Shows number of predictions, F1, feature bias, stability, certainty, and complexity score
Monitoring Summary

Furthermore, the solution enhances model resilience by giving you visibility into data behavior, enabling real-time monitoring and validation of model accuracy to minimize vulnerabilities.

Citrusˣ’s range of unique features provides comprehensive transparency for your ML model. These features include validation, explainability, governance, and monitoring capabilities, which collectively enable you to expedite the transition of your model from development to deployment by up to 82%. This not only accelerates your project but also reduces the associated risks, resulting in cost savings in the long run.

To see firsthand how our suite of features can enhance trust and understanding of your model, we invite you to schedule a demo by clicking here.

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